ImmeX is a virtual simulation software tool for immersive training needs. It consists of an operating environment recreated in 3 dimensional visuals controlled by the trainee through virtual body movements.

ImmeX body scan is a unique process that maps the trainee’s body movements and replicates it in the 3D virtual environment. The trainee can operate the various valves and equipment for example as he would normally do in the actual environment.

ImmeX 3D visual environment can be recreated either using external projection on the screen or through a head mounted device fitted on the trainee.

Paragon’s simulation technology Immex is a powerful 3D visualization application that automatically renders very large, complex, computer-generated models. It simulates real-life scenarios and supports multiple team members to test team performance and communication.

In order to make training programme more realistic, the 3D model can incorporate details of existing facilities. This can include evacuation routes, emergency and firefighting equipment signs, escape paths, etc. To make this more realistic, sounds effect can be added.

Our system allow to unique body scan in less than 15 seconds so that multiple participants can be trained and assessed on scenario responses based on sequential steps.

Our system can be used for immersive operator training where data exchange with other existing applications (SAP, ERM, etc) allows fast response and real-time collaboration.


VR is an Immersive Multimedia Experience through a computer simulated environment that can simulate the physical presence in an imaginary world. VR is an Immersive Multimedia Experience through a computer simulated environment that can simulate the physical presenMost current virtual reality environments are primarily visual experiences, displayed either on a float computer screen or through 3D displays only.

But, ImmeX Experience provides life sized 720 degree Real time 3D panoramic visuals which includes additional sensory information, such as, 7.1 Surround sound and physical FX such as vibrators, pokers, ticklers, blasters, Hot/Cold Air…etc to make you believe that your presence in the imaginary world.

In order to make you believe your presence in the Imaginary world, we have to fool your brain by stimulating your senses such as Vision, Hearing, Touch….etc and cut you out from the physical world. Using various technologies this is achieved.

5D/7D experiences are not immersive and explosive like ImmeX since they provide just a 3D Movie on a rectangle screen. With all communication cut of with the rest of the world through the Realtime Simulations, ImmeX offers an experience that cannot be matched by any other.