7D+ Video Ride Simulator

Paragon Info System has an innovative edufotainment concept termed as 7D+ venture for Entertainment Industry.

Films with 3-Dimensional effects are popular among kids as well adults, but 7D is few leaps ahead of technology. An immersive experience provided on-screen and movements in sync to the special effects for sure will take the audience to the next level. This simulation is sophistically connected to audio-visual equipments, extreme performance control and high-end simulation.

Paragon has developed its Pilot project, in an South-Indian City. Our Pilot simulator innovation project has got 24-seats which moves in sync to the special effects on screen, special effects (SFX), projection system, audio equipment, motion controllers & drivers, essential hardware and software to co-ordinate the synchronisations.

The entire visual pleasure is built on Stereoscopic 3D Technology or S3D. Paragon uses the technique of enriching the illusion of depth in a video footage. This was presented in two different videos for both left and right eye, which is called the Stereoscopy or stereoscopic vision or 3D imaging or stereo 3D or S3D.

The motion seats moves in synchronisation with the events on-screen with the help of pneumatic actuators. Those seats were sourced locally to reduce the project cost. Those seats also come with flexible air tubes used to tickle the ankles, water sprayers, back pockers and ticklers, thrusting forward from the back seat cushion, a seat vibrator, and a powerful jet of air on the back of your neck.

Paragon has also developed 3-Dimensional contents for stereoscopic 3D visualization, animation, intelligent imaging solutions, image enhancement, stereo 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D movies and special effects, stereo 3D learning resources, stereo 3D studios, virtual reality simulators, games and demonstration of immersive projection technologies.

Download 3D Capability Document