Star Dynamics

STAR Dynamics is a Multi Modal Application to manage Freight Forwarding and Logistics effectively, Agency Cost linked Sales Enquiry, Job order creation with automatic individual transit data, Customised payment receipts based on Invoices, Provision for Cost per Plate calculation, Customer & Supplier level receivables & Payables, Micro-level informations to end user.

Exclusive features of STAR Dynamics includes:

  • Business Critical Intelligence reports for Decision makers, Billing Delay, Credit Limit Exceeded, Password Error Alerts are Integrated which Improves workflow control.
  • Supports Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual System, Consolidated and Individual Profit&Loss for MIS
  • Integration of Operation and Finance results in reporting accuracy
  • Manage and Co-ordinate Improvement Processes which results in Business expansion
  • Data Stored Electronically increases efficiency and security, scalable architecture
  • Flexibility to scale up features in line with Organisations Growth
  • Audit trial to check employee performance, Micro level access control and encrypted data transfer.
  • Just-in Time Values for transactions across locations.

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Star Dynamics Operations